Bob's Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning - Sioux Falls, SD

Bob's Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning
Bob's steam cleaning can even clean fabric office desk partitions

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Bob’s mobile steam carpet cleaning service provides a fast, deep cleaning of your carpets thanks to their efficient equipment and experienced technicians. In most cases, only the technician and his cleaning tools enter your business, while the heavy-duty equipment remains in the van.

Bob's can be contracted for routine carpet cleaning, or occasional cleanings of high traffic areas as needed. We can also steam clean fabric cubical partitions, drapery, furniture upholstory, tile, grout and some wood surfaces. Cleaning outside of business hours can be arranged.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning

The cleaning solutions used by Bob’s steam cleaning equipment do not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals and dry fast, leaving your carpet soft and the color brighter. No soapy or sticky chemicals remain in the carpet which can occur with other cleaning technologies.

Spots & Stains

Stains can be specially pre-treated to help lift them out of the carpet. For particularly difficult stains, additional cost may be incurred, or special Carpet Treatments can be purchased to reduce the impact of the stain.

Moving Furniture

You will need to remove furniture where you would like the carpets cleaned, or you may choose to only have visible or high-traffic areas cleaned. Special drying pads are placed under the furniture after the cleaning process to protect your carpet. We also offer furniture upholstery cleaning.

Fast Drying Times

The typical drying time depends on environment humidity, but a common benchmark is 4 to 7 hours.


We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, so Bob’s offers immediate emergency carpet cleaning outside of their normal business hours. Please understand that this will typically incur additional charges. In the event of a flood, you may also be interested in our Water Damage Restoration capabilities.

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